• New Year Holidays
    New Year Holidays
    • December 17, 2021

    Our office will be closed from January 1st to January 3rd for 2022 New Year Holidays. For any emergencies, pls feel free to contact us.

  • Holidays Online sales drop in U.S.
    Holidays Online sales drop in U.S.
    • December 03, 2021

    At the time of thanksgiving holiday, there was a big sales on most of goods during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday. According to reports, the total sales drop a lot. The sales of consume goods such as travel gear( travel backpack, luggage), outdoor wear slow down due to pandemic.

  • New fishing & sailing jacket released
    New fishing & sailing jacket released
    • November 11, 2021

    A new high perfermance waterproof rain jacket was designed and make for fishing and sailing recently. We used double-layer taslon fabric with fully seam sealed to make this fishing jacket. The sailing jacket has six pockets totally inside and outside. Three pockets have waterproof zipper, and three pockets just have normal zipper but with cover. Excellent 10000mm H2O waterproof perfermance and MVP 3000gr/m2/24hrs breathability give much comfort to wear the waterproof jacket at outdoor even in a heavy rain.

  • Beijing Winter Olympic is approaching
    Beijing Winter Olympic is approaching
    • October 26, 2021

    The Beijing Winter Olympic flame arrived in Beijing recently after lighted in Athen. And the torch relay will be held at the early of next year. This also set off the boom of winter sports in China. People show more enthusiasm in engaging in skiing, snowboarding and ice skating. Then the sales of skiing clothing like waterproof and windproof jacket, skiing boots backpacks, goggles and other accessories is booming.

  • Increasing demand on bags and luggages from U.S. market
    Increasing demand on bags and luggages from U.S. market
    • October 22, 2021

    According to some statistics, U.S. travel goods imports such as backpacks, travel bags, school bags, laptop business bags from China surged a lot in the first 8 months. Since the COVID-19 badly affected the Vietnam, India and other southeast countries ,lots of U.S. buyers started to buy from China again. As more and more people return back to school and work in US, the demand will continue to go up. And the upcoming holiday season will also boost the sales. So we think China will regain more export share from U.S. market.

  • Summer Camp
    Summer Camp
    • August 25, 2021

    When it came to the end of summer vacation, our company organized a summer camp for our employees and their kids. We used hiking backpacks, tote bags and cooler bags those we produced to carry all we need for a 2-days camping. A group of people trekked to the grass land at the middle of mountain and setted camp base there. Kids played, enjoyed and learned to set up tents and how to cook a meal at outdoors. This camping trip enhanced the relationship among employees and among the family.

  • Back to School Season is coming
    Back to School Season is coming
    • August 10, 2021

    Back to school shopping is one of busiest times for many families in the western countries. Each year, we make and supply lots of back to school backpacks and bags for kids, children, students. This year, we design some new cute backpacks for toddlers and kids. And we receive lots of positive feedback from customers.

  • How to choose a hiking backpack
    How to choose a hiking backpack
    • May 03, 2021

    Hiking can be one of the most relaxing and healthy recreational activities. You need a great backpack for your adventures. Do you know how to choose the right backpack for hiking or trekking? Here are some tips. 1. the length of hiking is the first thing to consider, to decide what capacity of the hiking backpack you need. If you go for 1 day trip, probably 10-25 liters daypack is enough. When you go on a weekend trip of 2-3 nights, you need a 30-50 liters trekking backpack. 50-70 liters climbing pack for 3-5 days journey Over 5 days trip, you should choose a hiking backpack over 70 liters. 2. Torso Length Some packs are available in multiple sizes, from extra small to large, which fit a range of torso lengths. Check the product specs tab for size details of a specific pack. Many packs also feature an adjustable suspension, which can be modified to fit your torso, especially if you’re between sizes. 3. When and where you will go hiking The destination and the weather should determine your choice of the right backpack. It will also guide your choice of what the backpack is made from and its technical characteristics.

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    If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.

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